Looking for a one stop shop that can suit all of your bicycle repair needs? Look no farther than Post and Saddle Bike Co in Waxahachie, Texas. Our service department can quickly repair flats, adjust derailleurs and shifter as well as bleed brakes, full tune ups and much more. Its important to keep your bicycle in top shape to ensure safety on your rides.


  • Tune up -  Tune ups are the basic protocol when your bike just needs a full once over to fix poor shifting, slow moving bearings, weak brakes and removal of old grease and dirt from the drive train. Your bike will leave the shop feeling like new with an expert tune up.
  • Fork and Shock Service - RockShox, Fox, DVO, Marzocchi and other suspension brands typically suggest to get a basic shock service or fork service around 50 hours to keep fluid clean, air springs in good working condition and ensure you wiper seals are still doing their job. If your fork is feeling sluggish, leaky or just not performing well, Post and Saddle can handle all of your suspension needs. Rest assured, we don't source third party labor or ship your parts for service. We handle all repairs in house!
  • Brake Bleed and Adjustment - Not stopping like you use to? Cable or hydraulic brakes alike, your brakes will wear out over time and it may be time to service them. Post and Saddle will perform a full brake bleed to replace old and dirty fluid or replace cables if tension is sloppy. Additionally, its good to make sure your brake pads still have enough surface to make sure you can stop confidently every time.
  • Derailleur Adjustment - Don't let rough shifting get you down on your ride. When it comes to smooth shifting, we know how important it is to get into the right gear smoothly, every time. Old cables can stretch, creating less tension in your derailleur which will create slips and crunchy shifting. Come visit our Hachie location and we'll make sure you're back on the trails or path in no time.
  • Flat Repair - We're no stranger to the risks of popping a tire or getting a flat while out on a ride or coming out the garage and finding a flat from an overnight leak. If you need a new tube or sealant, we've got you covered. Not sure how to change a flat? Let our seasoned bike techs help. We'll even show you how its done so that next trailside flat, you won't be stranded.
  • General Bike Service - Have a bike rattle, squeak or issue that you can't track down? Our experienced and certified techs can diagnose and fix any repairs you may need. If we don't have the part you need, replacement parts can be ordered, delivered and installed typically within 2 to 3 business days.
  • Bicycle Upgrades - Looking customize a bicycle for your wants or needs? We offer a number of bicycle parts and upgrades to add some flare and performance. From full Shimano or Sram drivetrain to handle bars, forks, dropper posts and more. Not sure what you're looking for? Let our techs help you find that perfect part to give your bike that like-new feeling again.


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